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Mark Sisson Talks About the Primal Lifestyle

Mark Sisson, creator of the Primal Living Diet, extols the benefits of the primal lifestyle in a Los Angeles Times interview by Rene Lynch.

Sisson, also the founder of the popular health website, Mark’s Daily Apple, explains how the ideal lifestyle goes much further than the paleo diet — encompassing sleep, meditation, exercise, play and relationships.

“‘Eating primally is just one aspect of an overall lifestyle,’ said Sisson, 61. ‘And that lifestyle is about the enjoyment of food and life and relationships and activity. And as much play as possible.'”

The interview takes us through a typical day for Sisson, beginning with his morning coffee and meditation, moving through work interspersed with play, and ending with a good night’s sleep after some quiet time winding down.

Read the full article here.